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Quick Ideas for Communicating with Students

Posted on by jcastle

Student-to-instructor interaction is integral for student success. Here are some ideas to help with meaningful communication with your students. Communicate Frequently Use the Announcements tool in eLC to post reminders, relevant information, and important notifications for your students. Want something more closely aligned with the social media feeds that your students use? Add the Activity Feed […]

Quick Ideas for Improving Student Interaction

Posted on by jcastle

Looking for ideas to help increase student interaction in your course? Here are a few ideas to help get your students engaged. Use Open Discussion Forums Create a discussion forum where students can interact with one another (outside a particular assignment) to ask questions, share ideas, and engage in open dialogue. Label it something like […]

Large Classroom Success with Online Learning

Suzanne Ellenberger teaches Chemistry II, considered by many to be one of the most challenging introductory classes offered at the University of Georgia. The changes Ellenberger made to accommodate teaching during this pandemic have increased student test scores this past fall, adjustments she may have found difficult to introduce in a traditional face-to-face teaching environment. Ellenberger […]

eLC Attendance Widget Supports Teaching Faculty

A new attendance widget is now available to UGA Instructors within eLearning Commons (eLC) to help manage face-to-face and online class attendance. The eLC Attendance Preference widget was created by the Office of Online Learning to help better manage attendance for the Spring 2021 semester. “The tool is meant to facilitate communication between faculty and […]

UGA School of Social Work faculty sprint to a popular MSW Online degree program

UGA’s School of Social Work launched their Masters of Social Work Online in September to address service shortages in rural and medically underserved areas in Georgia. The overwhelming interest from students living in these rural areas prompted the faculty to consider accepting nearly double its expected enrollment.  According to Javier Boyas, Program Director of the […]