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Large Classroom Success with Online Learning

Suzanne Ellenberger teaches Chemistry II, considered by many to be one of the most challenging introductory classes offered at the University of Georgia. The changes Ellenberger made to accommodate teaching during this pandemic have increased student test scores this past fall, adjustments she may have found difficult to introduce in a traditional face-to-face teaching environment. Ellenberger […]

eLC Attendance Widget Supports Teaching Faculty

A new attendance widget is now available to UGA Instructors within eLearning Commons (eLC) to help manage face-to-face and online class attendance. The eLC Attendance Preference widget was created by the Office of Online Learning to help better manage attendance for the Spring 2021 semester. “The tool is meant to facilitate communication between faculty and […]

How to help your students be better online learners

We know that students learn better in all types of courses when they are designed to promote active learning. Instead of thinking about your online course as a lecture course online, think of it as an active learning classroom online to help your students engage and be successful. Here’s our list of important tips from […]

UGA Online launches new faculty resources website

UGA Online offers many great resources for faculty that can now be found more easily on a new online faculty resources website. The experience has been streamlined and well-organized for anyone who visits the new site. The rapid transition period in the spring and then over the summer provided the insight to help UGA Online […]

Making Online Courses Accessible For Everyone

Technology has made vast improvements in the lives of people with disabilities. However, with new technology, accessibility has often been overlooked. In the world of online education, more efforts have been made for professors and instructional designers to make courses accessible for all.  It is vital that online educators work together to ensure everyone is […]