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Market Research & Marketing

We employ a non-biased, third-party market research company to provide information on the current market viability of an online program at no cost to the academic home. Studies provide insights that can be used to reduce the risk to a college/school of investing in a new online program. The college/school and faculty requesting the market research work collaboratively with the Office of Online Learning Marketing Manager to inform the research to be conducted by our third-party service.

Marketing Planning and Reporting

We help promote online programs by providing:

  • Research on the current market viability of online programs regionally and nationally – Request Market Research
  • Development of a comprehensive marketing plan
  • Design of digital ads and other marketing materials
  • Managed digital marketing campaigns and media buys to recruit prospective students
  • Enrollment coach services to help prospective students progress from inquiry to enrollment in high demand programs
  • Collaboration with colleges/schools to promote a central brand for all online learning initiatives

Marketing Consulting

Our marketing team collaborates with UGA colleges and schools to develop a marketing and communications plan for online programs. The plan may include creation of a marketing timeline and budget outline based on approved advertising, PR, conferences, email marketing, webinar info sessions and other components of the marketing plan. We also list all online programs at which is continually optimized for search engines so that our programs are easy for prospective students to find.

Web Traffic and User Behavior Tracking

We monitor and track the number of visitors to the website and their behaviors through Google Analytics. Our office also utilizes UGA reporting tools to track inquiries, applications and enrollments.

Marketing ROI

We analyze marketing return on investment (ROI), collecting data on web visits, requests for information, applications and enrollments in relation to marketing dollars spent.

Program Inquiries

Program inquiries are routed from or phone to the academic home for inquiry response. In addition, graduate inquiries are imported into the graduate school CRM system to ensure consistent communication flow between Online Learning, Graduate School, Programs and prospective students.


Advertising services include ad planning, design and management of digital, print and video advertisements, including paid search (PPC), to promote the UGA Online Learning brand and online programs.

We purchase general UGA Online Learning brand advertising, and manage the media buying, keyword advertising and digital display ads for online programs. Advertising is also done through paid promotion of social media posts and ads on social media platforms.


Our office works through the Office of the Vice President for Instruction PR Coordinator for distribution in media outlets and e-newsletters. We also maintain central social media for UGA Online Learning such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our blog.

Brand Assets and Guidance

We provide brand guidelines for UGA online programs, marketing taglines and brand design assets such as photos, email templates and advertisements specifically for marketing online offerings. E-mail us or call to request marketing services for your college/school or online offering.

Online Information Sessions

We provide support to online programs interested in offering an online information session to prospective students. The information sessions are offered through GoToWebinar. We also help promote each information session on, social media, and email.