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Forward Funding

New online programs that have been approved by the University Council and approved for an e-rate differential tuition may apply for first-year forward funding. These funds are intended to support start-up expenses for the program.

Deans may estimate the revenue from the e-rate differential for the first three semesters’ enrollment in the program and request an advance against that projected balance. If the program collects more money from the first three semesters than estimated, the amount of the advance will be taken out of the e-rate earned before the funds are sent to the college/school for that first year. If the amount collected is less than the advance, the the college/school must pay back the additional amount.

The requested advance will be amended in the college or school’s budget in the first year of operation and may span across two fiscal years to cover the three consecutive semesters.

Graduate Program Request for First Year Funding Form (pdf)

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