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Media Examples

Examples of Media

Faculty Profile Video

Faculty profile videos aim to provide learners with a look “behind the curtain” at the person teaching the course. Intended to give students an idea of their instructor’s interests (both inside and outside academia), these short videos provide an opportunity for personalization of the online learning experience.

Lightboard Recording

Lightboard videos are most useful in cases where the instructor needs to illustrate a diagram or walk through problems visually while lecturing.

Studio Recording

Whether it be for a lecture, expert interview, or module introduction, the Office of Online Learning studio is available for 1- or 2-person recordings. When combined with images, text, or presentation slides, studio recordings can prove to be an engaging alternative to traditional lecture capture.

Field Recording

OOL’s media team can leave the studio as well! Perfect for capturing field research, role plays, or demonstrations, our field recording equipment allows faculty the opportunity to provide context and a sense of place for media content that a studio cannot replicate.

Custom graphics/Animation

The OOL can also help enhance online lectures and presentations with customized illustrations or animation.