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End of Term Evaluations

If your department does not have an online evaluation tool, we can set one up for you using Franklin College’s system. To request an evaluation, please submit a request via our contact form at the start of the semester you are teaching online. The questions cannot be altered, but if you are interested in a custom evaluation contact Franklin OIT to establish a contract. We strongly recommend that you use your department’s End of Term evaluation if possible; it is difficult for tenure and promotion committees to compare dissimilar End of Term evaluations during their deliberations.

OOL End-of-Term Evaluation Questions

  1. Was this course required for your degree?
  2. On average, how many hours per week did you devote to this course outside of class?
  3. Assignments and activities were useful for helping me learn.
  4. This course challenged me to think and learn.
  5. Course goals, learning objectives, and outcomes were made clear to me.
  6. Sufficient instructions were given for me to complete all the assignments.
  7. I knew how my coursework would be evaluated.
  8. The course was paced consistently.
  9. The course was organized effectively.
  10. I had the opportunity to be actively engaged with other students.
  11. I had the opportunity to be actively engaged with the instructor.
  12. Overall, I feel the instructor was present and available.
  13. Overall, the instructor was an effective teacher.
  14. Adequate technical support was available.
  15. The thing I liked most about this course was…
  16. The thing I liked least about this course was…
  17. What other comments do you have about your experience in this course?