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Program Design Process

An intentional approach to online program design and development is important to the success of the program. The Office of Online Learning will coordinate with the program lead and instructors to create a complete strategy for a program.

In initial meetings, we will help you navigate several important decision points in getting your program development off the ground such as:

  • Facilitating conversations about the consistency of instructional design across courses.
  • Coordinating a program-wide look and feel for courses and activities
  • Helping with course management decisions such as who has access to the program’s master courses in eLC, and
  • Timelines and milestones for launching your program

We encourage you to consider developing your program’s courses using faculty cohorts. In this model, several faculty develop courses simultaneously, with venues for sharing progress and discussing challenges. By forming a community of practice around the design and development of your courses, faculty will have an arena for motivation and brainstorming that is often missing from solo development.