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Instructional Design Consultation

You can request a consultation for you, a group, or your program using the contact form below. Our instructional designers can consult with you about designing a course or program for online delivery, addressing a specific challenge in online learning, or helping in the ways listed below.


Consultations for individual courses can address elements such as:

  • Working through common design challenges, such as structuring content
  • Creating measurable course- and module-level learning objectives
  • Developing assessment strategies for a particular learning outcome
  • Setting up master course spaces in eLC
  • Setting up course channels in Kaltura
  • Executing elements of an existing design using the functionality of eLC
  • Identifying gaps in available technology for executing elements of a specific learning design
  • Providing Quality Matters-aligned feedback for specific aspects of a course
  • Any other aspects of designing and developing learning experiences for online delivery


For programs, we can address the same items we do for courses. In addition we can help with:

  • Identifying elements of commonality among courses in a program for the purpose of maintaining a consistent student experience
  • Establishing a common course shell for use across a distance program
  • Identifying a reasonable timeline for course design and development
  • Planning and project management support
  • Planning the program’s budget including marketing and course/program sustainability

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